T.A.S.K. – Teachers Actions To Save Kids


The standard procedure for most school settings when there is a dangerous threat is to perform what they call a lockdown. Generally, the building is secured by keeping all persons safely inside, while restricting the movement of any persons in or out of the building. Unbelievably so, most school districts will even post their lockdown procedures on the internet, hence letting someone with criminal intent know what will be done.

While conceptually this “LOCKDOWN” may work great against someone with the intent to abduct a child, we may have to start thinking outside the box when it comes to entrapping a mass shooter inside a building with innocent children huddled in the corner of a classroom, thus making themselves a bigger target for such a malicious act.

It’s disheartening and saddening that we have to address the possibility that something like this can happen, but it light of the recent tragic events, it’s now part of our reality, and nothing spells survival more swiftly than being prepared.














 T.A.S.K. Training

STW/911 Self-Defense Inc. is at the forefront in making schools safer. STW recognizes that each school is different and is prepared to provide their services in support of the President’s mandate.


Over the past several years tragic and even catastrophic events have occurred across the nation involving individuals armed with semi or automatic firearms, with or without apparent motivation, attacking groups of innocent people in public places—including schools– where citizens are most vulnerable.

The most recent event at Sandy Hook Elementary led to public outcry on gun reform. On January 15, 2013, Vice President Biden delivered his policy proposals to President Obama. The package of recommendations was released publicly January 16, 2013. In this plan, the President outlined how to make our schools safer.

STW is ready to help you implement your individual plans through T.A.S.K. (Teachers Armed to Save Kids). STW can provide training at many different levels. STW’s T.A.S.K. training program does the following:

  • Bring in a Red Cell team to run live active shooter scenario. The only good plan is one this is tested for any weaknesses.
  • Assists in developing safety and emergency action plans
  • Assists in conducting threat assessments
  • Provides training in critical decision making during an active shooter crisis
  • Provides self-defense training and how to engage and disarm an intruder
  • Provides CHL training for teachers and/or administrators who are selected to carry
  • Teaches medical skills to treat wounds sustained from gunshots and edged weapons

For more detailed information, go to our new T.A.S.K. Website

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