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STW Time Off Request

Posted on on Jan 21, 2016

Time Off Request Time Off Request is not approved until you receive a confirmation email. Name* First

Notification of Employee Departure

Posted on on Jan 2, 2014

Supervisors complete this form when a employee or contractor will be leaving the company (self-termination or company termination). Employee Departure Notification We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Name of Employee Leaving* First

STW Memos

Posted on on Dec 11, 2013

STW Memos   Memo – Guest Waiver Policy

Vote for STW's Rock Stars

Posted on on Dec 9, 2013

  VOTE FOR STW ROCK STARS OF 2013              

HR Forms

Posted on on Nov 25, 2013

HR/Personnel Forms Counseling Notice Nov 2013 (Word) Counseling Notice Nov 2013 (PDF) Time Off Request Form nov 2013 (PDF) Employee improvement plan directions & form (Word) Employee improvement plan directions & form (PDF) Employee/Contractor Outprocessing Employee/Contractor Departure Notification Form –...

Pete B-Day Potlock

Posted on on Oct 29, 2013

What will you be bringing? Here are some ideas… Main Dish: Chili, Pasta Dish, Chicken, Casserole, BBQ, Mini Sandwiches, Cold Cuts, Pizza, Stew, Your Yummy Specialty Side Dishes: Salad, Rice, Veggies, Appetizers/Snacks: Chips & Dip,  Guacamole Dip Desert: Cake, Pies, Cookies, Pete Favorite (Banana Cream Pie) Drinks: Soda, Diet Soda,...

STW Printing Requests

Posted on on Aug 9, 2013

STW Fitness Instructor Posts

Posted on on Aug 6, 2013

INSTRUCTOR NEWSLETTER/UPDATES STW Fitness Instructor Newsletter Nov 22 STW Fury: N0 Kettlebells, Dumbbells or bar with plates. You MUST use tow ropes, work sprints or cycling. Give  little to no breaks. Rush Hour: Try to have them fill up the front & sides of the room first b4 the back of the room. MixFit: MUST use at least dumbbells or bar with plates for your class plan, Kettlebells are are NOT allowed. Kettlebell: Your break between movements should never be for more than 15sec long. Your transition to a whole new set of movements is the longest break you should give. This is just so...

STW Krav Maga Instructor Posts

Posted on on Aug 6, 2013


STW Maintenance Supplies

Posted on on Jul 25, 2013

Maintenance Supplies Name First Last

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