Core & Fitness

Prepare yourself for core busting, high intensity classes to improve overall fitness

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Once you have been coached on how to combine stance, body rotation, and proper timing you will be astonished at how much target-crushing power you can deliver through your hands and feet.



There are two ingredients to acquiring a powerful punch (or kick):

  1. Technique, and
  2. Training

We will teach you the technique part. But knowing . . . understanding how is not enough. You have to program your body instantly and automatically fire off an effective strike when you are under the stress of facing an attacker. In other words, you have to train. And train. And train some more.

You have to train as if your life depends on it.

We make the training part exhilarating. Bag classes are one of our most popular offerings. When you show up for bag class, you’ll experience is a high-energy hour of punch power. Hundreds of glove popping against leather bags. Thousands of calories being burned. Frustration lifting and dissipating like early-morning fog.

Before long you will have thrown thousands of punches. You will have thrown thousands of kicks. Each blow capable of turning an attacker into a patient at the emergency room. Each blow capable of turning you into a survivor.

Kickboxing Class

Unless you have worked at a punching bag manufacturing plant, it’s likely you will have never seen as many heavy hanging punching bags together in one place as you’ll find in our bag room.



Battling Ropes

Battling Ropes* (sometimes referred to as battle ropes or power rope) is an exercise system that builds remarkable strength and stamina. Battling Ropes is highly effective for athletes who need to increase strength and speed that needs to be sustained for a long duration of time.

Ropes Krav Maga Fitness
It uses the principle of sustained velocity (the combination of strength and speed) to keep muscles under continuous load during both the adduction and abduction phases of exercise.

The idea for Battling Ropes was inspired by the constant energy carried in ocean waves. Hydraulic force is continuously transferred as ocean waves oscillate. Similarly, Battling Ropes require you to constantly exert muscle power to create and counteract waves of continuous force.

Battling Ropes are appropriate for people at all levels of physical fitness. You choose the intensity level of your workout.

Although it should be no surprise that Battling Ropes will strengthen your shoulders, arms, chest, and back . . . you may be surprised at how much it strengthens your core. Battling Ropes require you to maintain core stabilization throughout the exercise.

Battling Ropes used to be the “secret weapon” of the Olympic Training Center and of professional sports teams, but now the secret is out. Their popularity has been exploding since they started being seen on the TV program “The Biggest Loser”.


You have complete control of how moderate or intense your workout will be. You choose your own goals. But be warned–our instructors know how to motivate you to give maximum effort. Vee have vays ov making you verk!


STW Cycling

Calorie burn and endurance. That’s what our indoor cycling program is about.

Our spin classes are engineered to increase your overall fitness level. You’ll be led through different levels of intensity, varying both resistance and cadence. Your heart rate is the “gauge” that tells you when you’re getting it done.

Our spin auditorium is equipped with stationary cycles designed specifically for full-out training. Multiple adjustment points allow you to customize their fit to match your body, ensuring that you can give it everything you’ve got when you’re pouring it on.

Pilates & Yoga

Pilates takes exercise to a whole new level. Instead of being focused just on getting strong and lean, Pilates aims to improve your body’s entire physiology.

Consider the everyday pushup. When you do pushups the Pilates way, you get a stretch, a back extension, a spinal articulation, as well as shoulder and arm toning in an exercise that also requires strength and coordination from just about every part of your body – butt, back, inner thighs, abs, you name it.

Almost every class we teach incorporates some form of floor exercise. We understand that how you do it matters as much as what you do, and that’s why we incorporate the Pilates method in our exercise programs.

Yoga isn’t just for meditating monks. It’s become the secret weapon of professional athletes.  . . . people whose careers depend on balance, flexibility, and the power to control their bodies.

If you listen to most yoga practitioners you’ll hear them say that yoga leads to inner peace and a sense of overall well-being.

Which is true enough. But the next time you encounter a yoga instructor, take a moment to quit listening and start looking.

You’ll see someone with a powerful, lean physique. A radiant glow. Great posture, and graceful, solid movement.

Yoga and Pilates




Cardio Kickboxing

Polish and perfect your Krav Maga combative with high intensity movements sure to make you break into a full-fledged sweat. This class is taught by a certified, Krav Maga Self Defense Instructor. Combinations are a little more advanced than Fitness Kickboxing, feet are aligned facing forward and hips staying square.

Fitness Kickboxing

Led by a fitness instructor, this class will increase muscular strength and endurance using our own fitness-style kickboxing. The class consists of repetitive air punching and kicking movements, followed by the use of hand weights, med balls or resistance bands and core work.


A rigorous 60 minutes of interval training. Twenty (20) minutes of explosive, varied movements incorporated with heavy weights. Twenty (20) minutes of heightened cardio work with minimal rest between each set. Fifteen (15) minutes of ab work at the end. Be prepared for anything and everything.


Enjoy the Russian experience with this time efficient and highly effective training program for muscular strength, power, dynamic flexibility, and aerobic conditioning. Recently introduced to the U.S., strength KettleBell mainly emphasizes on utilizing your core strength. Unlike dumbbells, a KettleBell weight is distributed at one end rather than being even at two ends. KettleBells are ideal for performing ballistic, whole-body exercises such as cleans, snatches, and their variations. KettleBells can be used individually or in pairs. Anyone who is healthy enough for strength training can integrate the use of KettleBells into their training regimen.

STW Fury

Experience the fury of 45 minutes of strength and resistance training with 30 minutes of cycling or sprint work. This is a 75 minute class meant to be a “Fury” of exercises and will challenge you physically.

Fitness Cycling

Looking to increase your stamina and endurance? Then work with fitness bikes to help elevate your heart rate, lose weight, and help you get those beach legs you’ve been longing for.

Power Cycling

Cycle on full throttle with this higher level of cycling, which utilizes more resistance work, hand weights, resistance bands and/or core work.

Power Lunch

SUPERSIZE your workout menu with an intense, 45 minute class designed to provide a fast, efficient, and high intensity workout.  Any and all equipment to be used as deemed appropriate by the instructor.

PSR / Yoga, Power Yoga & Pilates (Performance Stretch & Roll)

All three techniques are blended to help create a better balance for all. Foam rollers will challenge and strengthen your body in new ways to help you work your core, align your spine, and help you to release tension in those tender muscles or hard to reach places. Develop better breathing technique while at the same time improve your balance, flexibility and endurance.

Plyo Extreme

Take your body to the fat burning zone.  Plyo Extreme will improve your balance and strengthen your muscles by doing dynamic speed and agility drills combined with explosive power movements.

Strictly Strength

This class is an hour long.  It offers the traditional style of weight lifting that will target almost every muscle in your body.  It offers an anaerobic style of workout, with short periods of strength lifting and rest periods to offer maximal output to increase strength and power.

Strictly Strength CE

This class is a circuit based class that will push your body to its limits.  You will use lighter weight for maximal repetitions that will increase muscle and cardiovascular endurance.

Rev Fit

This class is a high intensity, cardio conditioning class, fat burning class.  You will improve your speed and endurance.

SRT:Suspension Rings & Things

This class focuses on suspension exercises & core activation.  Combining body weight with anchored straps with rings will provide an alternative to free weights and machines.  Increase the body’s functional movements and capabilities leaving you feeling exhilarated and strong.

Rounds Bag Conditioning

This class is composed of specialized and functional combinations in 1 minute timed rounds.  There is a 1 minute fitness component between the combination rounds.