Advance Performance Exercise System (A.P.E.S.)


APES Strength & Performance

Open to all members who have Self Defense and Specialty Class privileges.  The new APES (TAC) “Today’s APES Challenge” program will no longer require a test but you must participate in at least one technique workshop to assist in preventing any type of unnecessary injuries.

Participation in the program will be as follows:

  • Once you have successfully completed the workshop and an instructor has verified that you are able to lift safely on your own, you will receive your personal login to the APES (TAC) website.
  • Your daily APES (TAC) workout and challenge can be obtained from the website and will allow you to train at a time that is convenient for you.
  • There will be 4 workouts and 6 challenges posted per week.
  • You will post your personal challenge results on the website for other APES (TAC) members to see.

Please remember that all APES & Specialty Classes require a Platinum membership to attend.