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January Member of the Month

Posted on on Jan 31, 2014

Strong and Toned is the New Skinny! By Jax This month’s January Member of the Month is Ashley Barrera, a retail store manager who came to STW at the insistence of a friend in May of 2012. “I was going to another gym,” she said, “but I had a friend who kept asking me to join her for a class at STW. I laugh about it now, because I didn’t want to do anything at the other gym I belonged to. I usually would just work on the elliptical machine, but even then, I noticed that I was gaining weight instead. I decided to try a class with her just so she would stop inviting me. I...

Happy New Year From STW!

Posted on on Jan 31, 2014


Proud to Be an American

Posted on on Jan 29, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to Alex, one of our seasoned Krav Maga Instructors. She received her citizenship recently and was presented a U.S. flag at our Dangerously Cute Seminar Jan. 25th. Alex was born in Brasov, Romania. Brasov is a city in Transylvania (like San Antonio is to Texas). She first came to America in June 2006 for school. She got accepted St. Philips College while she was living in Germany, finished her nursing pre-requisites, and then moved to the U.S. After hard work and determination, she was accepted to University of Texas Health Science Center and graduated with her Bachelors of...

So We May Walk & Run In Peace Success!

Posted on on Jan 28, 2014

 STRENGTH IN NUMBERS The more everyday citizens we have learning how to defend themselves, the better off we are as a community. There is strength in numbers. After the tragic loss of Lauren Bump, STW received numerous phone calls and emails from the running community asking about our seminars and if we were going to have one soon. We knew we could help, so without question, they sprang into action. On Saturday, January 25th, STW held a Dangerously Cute Women’s Only Seminar. During this seminar, we addressed situational awareness when walking/running and techniques against an attacker in...

KM 1 Test Reminder

Posted on on Jan 28, 2014

KM 1 Test The next level KM 1 (Yellow Belt) test is scheduled for Saturday, February 1, 2014. The test will start promptly at 1200PM at the Crossroads locations. You must pre-register and pay before the test at either of our two locations. Minimum requirements to test KM Level 1 is attendance in KM classes for 4 month. Your attendance record will be pulled and reviewed. If you attendance reflects that you have been in the level for the recommended time, you will be allowed to test. Students must wear a Krav Maga or STW shirt during all testing. Questions? Email:...

STW Family is Proud of Our Very Own Edie Davis

Posted on on Jan 27, 2014

This past weekend, our very own Vice President of Operations competed in the Naturally Fit Fitness Competition in Round Rock Texas. She entered herself in the Women’s open Novice Figure Division & in the Masters Figure Division, taking on top professional competitors. This is a grueling process that takes MONTHS of crazy discipline and hours of vigorous training, an enormous feat considering that there is next to never a cash prize on the other side. The reward is purely intrinsic and it stems from an iron will and desire to take on a challenge. This tough little lady now...

UFC Debut at STW – New Video!

Posted on on Jan 21, 2014

 UFC Sneek Peek     February 17, 2014 (CLASS CLOSED) 7:30pm-8:45pm STW F2F ANNEX      This will be a skill based class that will work on movement and combative skills. There will be NO sparring. You must have a self-defense membership and have the fundamental skills used in the class (straight punches, hooks, uppercuts, and kicks). Students will need fingerless/MMA grappling gloves for this class. You will not be allowed in without proper equipment. Class will officially begin in...


Posted on on Jan 15, 2014

INTRO TO GUN DEFENSE   This will be a six-week introductory class to gun defenses. It will focus on defending against gun threats from various angles. It will be held on Thursdays evenings beginning February 13th from 6:30-7:30PM. This class is open to STW Krav Maga Students that have access to the Blanco location. You must be at least 18 years of age to take this intro...

Kettlebell 2014

Posted on on Jan 14, 2014

45-Minute KettleBell Calorie Burning Powerhouse   Effective Immediately… All morning and noon KettleBell classes will be 45 minutes long. Warm-up will be no more than 7 minutes long.  This class is definitely an intense caloric burning powerhouse-of-a-workout…it has little to no breaks. Get your mind and body ready for this new challenge! Evening KettleBell will remain 60 minutes...

Dangerously Cute Program Inquiry

Posted on on Jan 13, 2014

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