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Determination Pays Off in Spades

STW Member of the Month (Jan 2013) – Michelle Martinez

Posted on on Jan 29, 2013

January 2013 Member of the Month Michelle Martinez The STW family would like to congratulate Michelle Martinez for making our January member of the month. Miss Martinez joined us last October when she attended one of our Women’s Self Defense seminars. Raised to believe that ladies don’t fight, she was blown away by the intensity of the techniques that really worked. She was especially impressed with how motivational the instructors were during the event and have been since she became a member here with us. “I’ll never forget how Paige motivated me to fend off myattacker,” she said....


Posted on on Jan 24, 2013

What is A.P.E.S? It stands for Advanced Performance Exercise System. This is a one-of-a-kind specialty class was created by our very own, Pete Hardy who has been in the fitness industry for over 40 years. This class will be taught by Pete and a selective team of STW instructors, all of whom are award winning athletes and competitors. Pete designed this class for all members wanting to achieve a superior level of fitness, helping them reach a higher standard of physicality. This class is a combination of lifting, running, plyometrics, functional and sports movements, blending together part of...

Krav Maga Belt Testing

Posted on on Jan 23, 2013

STW Krav Maga Belt Testing Schedule           Testing Time Lines (Minimum Only) KM Level 1 – Yellow Belt – 4 months KM Level 2 – Orange Belt – 6 months KM Level 3 – Green Belt – 9 months KM Level 4 – Blue Belt – 9 months KM Level 5 – Brown Belt – 12 months Note: Black Belt and above is by invitation only. It requires a minimum of 12 months training a Brown Belt. Permission to test: Once you have trained for the required amount of time, you much obtain permission to test. Your attendance record will be pulled and reviewed. If you attendance...

Dangerously Cute & V-Day Women's Only Seminar

Posted on on Jan 18, 2013

DANGEROUSLY CUTE Returns in Support of   V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. STW and the Rape Crisis Center are partnered to support this event. Violence ranks as one of women’s top concerns worldwide. With 1 in 4 women who are reportedly sexually assaulted by the time they graduate from college, ensuring that you or your daughters are safe should be a primary concern. In support of V-Day, STW is hosting this life-saving seminar open to ALL WOMEN. Seminar will focus on parking lot attacks that lead to abductions and/or sexual assault (moms...

All Hell Breaks Loose Seminar – Part II

Posted on on Jan 17, 2013

All Hell Breaks Loose Part II With the recent shootings more and more people are asking some tough questions: What would I do if I was in that situation? How should I react while under the stress of random fire and chaos? How can I protect myself and my family members? No longer do we live in the age of compliance. In today’s world, negotiating with a person whose intent is to take down as many innocent people as possible before he seals his own fate with a cowardly shot to the head, seems futile. You MUST –take—ACTION! And NOW is the time to do it!!! 2nd Degree Black Belts, Pete...


Posted on on Jan 7, 2013

STW Members: This comes to us from 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, San Antonio, Texas. Thank you to all who donated toys, as always you are always giving back to the community.   Ladies and Gentlemen, Since 1947 the Marine Corps mission has been to provide at least one toy to each and every child who would go without and bring a smile to their faces during the holidays.  Each year the number of children increases, making the mission that much more difficult to accomplish.  However, no matter the demand it is inspiring to see organizations and individuals such as yourselves coming to...