When all hell breaks loose what will you do?

When All Hell Breaks Loose Seminar!

Posted on on Aug 30, 2012

With the recent outbreaks in shootings this summer more and more people are asking some tough questions: What would I do if I was in that situation? How should I react while under the stress of random fire and chaos? How can I protect myself and my family members? No longer do we live in the age of compliance. In today’s world, negotiating with a person whose intent is to take down as many innocent people as possible before he seals his own fate with a cowardly shot to the head, seems futile. You MUST –take—ACTION! And NOW is the time to do it!!! Join us for this life-saving seminar....

Women's Gun Safety & Live Fire Course Oct 19th & 20th

Posted on on Aug 8, 2012

The fear of more gun control or fear of more crime may be contributing to the rising interest in acquiring guns for protection. Women, in particular, are no longer clinging to the stereotype that owning a gun is a man’s thing, and with that knowledge they are venturing into ways they can help protect their families. In addition to taking self defense courses, many women are also turning to gun purchasing. But one thing to keep in mind is that with the ownership of a gun comes great power, and with that understanding it is crucial that one knows all the ins and outs of proper gun handling...

Dangerously Cute Seminar Empowers and Ignites

Posted on on Aug 8, 2012

STW had a huge successful turn-out with over 174 women attending our Dangerously Cute seminar this last Saturday. One of the things STW is most proud of is the sense of empowerment some of these ladies leave with after they have taken a class. We also want to thank all the staff, instructors and Rape Crises volunteers who showed their support and helped change lives that day. Read our testimonials below and see how some of these Dangerously Cute Ladies were changed by what they experienced: Good Morning Pete! I am not quite sure where to begin this email. I was at your seminar this past...

Congratulations New Phase B Instructors!

Posted on on Aug 3, 2012 The STW family wants to congratulate our new Phase B Instructors for enduring and passing this grueling 3-day, 8 hr a day Phase B test. The mental and physical challenge is almost close to unbearable when it comes to testing as a self-defense instructor, and as a first-hand observer, I say that they earned the bumps and the bruises to prove it. I’m especially proud of the women who stood strong and kicked some major boot-ay. If it’s one thing our 2nd Degree Black Belt, Pete Hardy is firm in ensuring that our female instructors not get a false sense of...

Women That Weren't Afraid to Hit on Guys!

Posted on on Oct 12, 2011

STW Krav Maga hosted a Women’s Only Self Defense Seminar in September to empower women to not be afraid to hit on guys! The seminar was offered in joint effort with The Rape Crisis Center for women looking to learn to “Protect, Act, and Stay Safe”. More than 150 women had extensive training on defending themselves from an attacker in various positions and utilized self-defense techniques against certified Krav Maga instructors. STW instructor and student, Yvette Echols attended the seminar and loved it. “The women’s seminar was amazing!” Yvette said....

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